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Cosmetology is headed by Caroline Morgan, specialist in medical micro-pigmentation procedures. With several years experience in the field of beauty and cosmetics, Caroline was trained by the same academy as the biggest Harley Street practices for permanent cosmetics and micro-pigmentation work.


Cosmetology procedures infuse medical grade pigments into the dermal layer of the skin to give a natural finish that imitates perfectly applied make-up.


Used to enhance brows, eyes & lips, the look is realistic and once it’s done it just stays looking perfect day in day out, for up to 18 months before fading.



Consultations £50
Redeemable against procedure


Medical consult £75

Including colour match (not redeemable)


Correction and removal consult £50

(not redeemable)

Consult fees not refundable



Hair stroke simulation £465

Brow mist effect



Discreet lash definer

Upper or lower lids £330

Both lids


A little more than discreet eye liner

Upper or lower lids £385

Both lids


Daytime to evening thick eyeliner

Upper or lower lids £445

Both lids


Super thick eyeliner

Upper £620

Both lids


Daytime to evening eye liner with accent colour

Upper £620

Both lids


Lip contour is not a lip line because the lip enhancement is more natural, intricate and gives a crisp line to the lip.

Natural lip contour defined £495
Natural lip contour defined and blush shading £540
Natural lip contour defined and full lip tint £715
Beauty mark £155


15 month colour boost 1 application £225
15 month colour boost 2 applications £325

(within 3 months)

15 month colour boost 1 application full lip tint £325
15 month colour boost 2 applications full lip £425

(within 3 months)

After 15 months the colour boosts at full rate with 15 percent discount for returning clients.



Suitable for permanent make-up and body art tattoos. Price dependent on individual circumstance


Reconstruction of areola/ nipple complex
per breast.

Scar camouflage session

Re-pigmentation of stable vitiligo per session £295
Hair replacement per session £295
The treatments all have a control visit 4 weeks later included in the price. With the exception of the colour
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